The Solar Companion: Protecting and
Energizing All Under One Cover.

Familiarize yourself with key features designed to enhance
safety and increase visibility.

Product Description

What you are looking at, is the newest invention for disabled individuals safety, called the Solar Companion. The world’s first solar powered safety accessory for the Liberator, MADE in the USA, in Washington State, by a veteran owned company.

It has a thermal form plastic canopy that fits around an aircraft quality Aluminum rectangular tube frame; with a 65 Watt 24 Volt solar panel that maintains the batteries.

The canopy dimensions are, 33.5”L X 24.5”W; and has an adjustable height from 33.5” to 42.5” above seat and only weighs 20 pounds.

The Solar Companion is your answer to safety and mobility, contact your Veteran representative, and tell them “I’m a Veteran and I NEED ONE TODAY”.


At last, there is a solution that directly improves the lives of people who use powered mobility devices — by significantly increasing their mobility, visibility and safety. This revolutionary canopy is redefining an essential mode of transport for millions of people with disabilities, senior citizens and other users of mobility devices.


— Bill Hogan, wheelchair-bound Vietnam veteran

"Bill has experienced near fatal incidences by traveling from our home to the local shopping mall, which is only one mile away. With no light system or reflector devices on the standard power chair, crossing at a cross walk in an intersection is deadly. Any power chair is virtually impossible to see or notice by an oncoming vehicle. This is dangerously true in shady areas, bad weather conditions, dusk or dark hours."

More Testimony from a Disabled Veterans

Adjustable frame
fits all sizes

Easy to attach canopy
to powered device

Solar panels extends
the life of your battery

Handy Plug in for
Electrical devices

Rear mirrors help you
see from all sides