Golf Cart Solar Benefits

Benefits of The Model GCPK Solar Power Golf Cart Kits.
by Solar Mobility LLC:

For Golfers, and other users of Electric Vehicles with Batteries, the GCPK Solar Kits is the solution.

EXTENDS BATTERY LIFE: Prolongs battery life by maintaining a charge and preventing the likelihood of its deep discharge below 20%, thereby extending battery life.*
INCREASES TRAVEL RANGE: Extends the travel range of any Golf Cart by continuously charging the battery*
USES SOLAR AND LIGHT POWER: Provides unlimited charge from the sun, in use or parked, that reduces electricity cost*
Green Technology that's good for the Environment Environmental friendly and help to reduce C02s emission*

Advantages of Non Glass PV Module

Golf Ball impact test

Even after the solar panel was damaged by golf balls the panel:

  • still generates electricity, with some power loss:
  • passed the safety current leakage test at 2640 VDC condition:

Shatterproof- After Damaged by Hammer

Our panel continues to generate power (>98%) after 1000 hrs. with DAMP test (IEC61215) there was no sign of degradation.

Low Glare / Low Reflection

Our Solar Panels:

  • Are perfect for applications where glare is a safety issue such as marine, military, airport, and highway uses.
  • Achieve a higher overall efficiency because more sunlight is captured rather than reflected.

It Still Has Power After Damages

The panel dropped its power from 164 W to 71 W, but still function. Damaged by: Shot Gun, Golf ball, hails, fall tree branches…

Why use our Solar Panels?

Advanced technology & encapsulating material:



  • 1.8ADC Maximum Output Current:
  • 3−Stage  Charging  Method:
  • Auto−Restart Mode:
  • Input Under−Voltage Protection:
  • Input Over−Voltage Protection:
  • Current Limiting:
  • Overload Protection:
  • Short Circuit Protection:
  • Temperature Derated Charge:
  • Auto Maintenance Mode:
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking):
  • LED Status Indicatord: