Benefits and Multi-Function of The Solar Companion:

millions of wheelchair-bound people with disabilities, veterans, senior citizens and other users of mobility
devices, the Solar Companion has become the solution.

INCREASES TRAVEL RANGE: It can extend the travel range of any mobility device by supplying solar power to the battery*
BOOSTS VISIBILITY: The added height of the Solar Companion is great for visibility from motorists, as well as the LED lights around the top edge. Always being visible, eliminating vehicle vs. wheelchair accidents*
PROVIDES PROTECTION: Protects the user from the elements, allowing wheelchair-bound people to enjoy the outdoors*
COMMANDS ATTENTION: Features color-coded LED lights, white in front, amber on sides and red at rear, mimicking the lights on a car, helping motorists better judge user’s distance and direction of travel at night*
SOLAR POWER FROM THE SUN: Provides unlimited power from the sun to maintain the batteries*
EXTENDS BATTERY LIFE: Prolongs battery life by charging it and preventing the likelihood of its deep discharge below 20%, thereby extending battery life up to 3 times longer and saving money in the process*


  • Increased level of visibility Day & Night
  • The solar panel can incress the Travel range
  • Relief from the weather elements
  • Battery life increased by years
  • Color coded directional LED lights
    (White front - Amber side - Red back)
  • Powerful 65-Watt 24-Volt solar panel
  • Retractable canopy for ease of loading
  • Adds solar power to the chair battery
  • comes with 2 mirrors, a power port for cell phone
  • Canopy height is adjustable to accommodate any person’s height
  • Increase user protection for more mobility, safety and security

With the added convenience of it being able to fold down behind the chair for easy transport or storage. Whether it’s up or down, inside or outside it is fully charging, keeping you ready for life.