Benefits and Multi-Function of The Liberator by Solar Mobility LLC: First Solar Powered Wheelchair.

For millions of wheelchair-bound people with disabilities, veterans, senior citizens and other users of mobility devices, the Liberator is the solution.

AIR SUSPENSION CHAIR: Air suspension seating also provides up-and-down and lateral damping of motion and vibration*
COOLING CVS CUSHION VENTILATION SYSTEM FOR ADDED COMFORT: The active seat ventilation ensures that air circulates throughout the seat constantly, removing moisture and helping prevent discomfort and another medical issues*


This powered wheelchair is the most clinically advanced technology today for the disabled. The future in Seating has arrived. This American made powered wheelchair has many different options and capacities than any other chair on the market today.

With the simple touch of a button the user can dial in their own position, in so doing, they have dialed in their own “air ride suspension system” allowing the chair to take ALL jarring and friction. Making for a smoother ride, and ease of mind knowing you will not be getting painful problems associated with ALL other chairs and patients without The Liberator by Solar Mobility LLC.


This chair is a collaboration between Solar Mobility LLC, and an American Seating Company, who has been in business since 1855; they make seats for Caterpillar, John Deere, Case, Freightliner, New Holland etc. Their Specialty is seating. Solar Mobility LLC is Proud to unveil the newest and most clinically proven advancement in comfort and seating for the powered wheelchair market ever built.