The Solar Companion

What you are looking at, is the newest invention for disabled individuals safety, called the Solar Companion. The world’s first solar powered safety accessory for the Liberator, MADE in the USA, by a veteran owned company.

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Liberator Power Chair

This powered wheelchair is the most clinically advanced technology today for the handicapped. This powered wheelchair is Assembled in USA with many different options and capacities than any other chair on the market today.

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Our Advanced Solar Panel

Significantly extends the travel range of any electric vehicle or any other Battery powered device and helps to prolongs battery life by providing unlimited charge from the sun, in use or parked, that reduces electricity cost.

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Liberator Power Chair & The Solar Companion

Reducing Risks

The Solar Companion addresses one of the leading causes of automobile accidents involving wheelchairs: the simple lack of visibility. The use of mobility devices has increased substantially in recent years, and with it concerns about the safety of their users. In fact, there are thousands of accidents involving powered wheelchairs and automobile accidents each year with more than 8,500* power chair users killed in such incidents.

*According to Emergency Room statistics from 2005-2011.

— Clyde Gifford, Solar Companion user

"The Solar Companion (though I'm in a wheel chair and can’t walk) has made my life so much more secure and safe and I’m able to be more active and don't have to sit at home afraid to go anywhere."

Testimony from Disabled Veterans


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Our Solar Panel Advantages

Advantages of Non Glass PV Module
(using c-Si cells 20% efficiency):

  • Lightweight : 40 – 50 % lighter
  • Highest power to weight ratio
  • Shatterproof /rugged
  • Low glare, which increases efficiency
  • Salt water resistant
  • Custom sizes available